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About Leah Moore


I am a high school English and theater teacher in NY. I believe parents need a place to empathize with one another and life’s odysseys can best be handled with kindness, a sense of humor, and the perfect pair of sweatpants.

I began this blog to capture the journey of raising a child with significant special needs.  However, it turned into a way to connect to all parents.  Regardless of circumstances, we all need to remember that we aren’t doing this alone. Sometimes, hearing the stories of someone else is the very thing you need to make sense of your own.

When I received my daughter’s diagnosis, I scoured the internet to connect to other people.  When I found one to say hello to and they wrote me back, it felt incredible to know I wasn’t alone.  If you write to me, I will always write back.

Say Hello


From a Mother On Both Sides

"Your job is to be her mother. You are the only one she has."

The Irony of Language

It started in my basement.

To the Ones on the Sidelines

I punch about 47 numbers into my landline phone to connect Madison, Wisconsin to Bondoukou, Cote d’ivoire.

Salami at the JCC

I have a secret. We bring salami into the JCC.

Finding Your Something

About ten years ago, my high school students had an esteemed guest visit our theater class.

On the Day of Your Diagnosis

Dear parent, we haven’t met before, but it is nice to meet you.

Party of Five

I remember the geneticist giving us three pieces of advice.

Literal Meltdown

To whom it may concern at the sugar-free popsicle company

Dear Woman at the Grocery Store

Yes, I see you acknowledging my child, sucking on a pink lollypop at 7am.

Coming Soon: A new Memoir!

I am finishing up working on my memoir, Loving You Big. I am excited to be working with The SJ Literary group and Jennifer Frank to find the book a good home.

You can reach Jen at jfrank@sjliterary.com. We will keep you posted.

Look here for more upcoming information.

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