A Birthday Card

Love begins with imagination. [1] My imagination took off the first moment I met him.   It was the first … More

An English Lesson

Several years ago, I found myself standing in the center of the Piazza de la Repubblica surrounded by hundreds of … More

I Want to Be Labeled

The first time I remember it happening to me, I was reading a book by a community pool. My infant … More

Less Than 1%

Math is not my forte.   Showtunes.  Buying baskets.  Eating cookies.  Yes.  Math, not so much.  So perhaps I am reading … More

Tell My Mom

Tell my mom.  This is my daughter’s new favorite phrase.  It’s a beautifully constructed sentence, especially for a child labeled as “non verbal” and … More

A Secret Jewish Prayer

When I was a little girl, I heard a story about prayer. I can’t remember if it was directly taught to … More

Sage Advice

I had a long day. A really long day. I have been having a lot of them lately. The kind … More

The Mommy Game

I have never been very competitive. When I was in middle school, I remember stealing the soccer ball away from … More