About the Blog

The birth of my daughter, Jordan, revealed she may never walk or talk due to a rare chromosomal disorder, Cri Du Chat.  Four years later, my twin boys, Oliver and Austin, were born, and my husband Zachary and I were soon faced with a neurosurgeon for one and an oncologist for the other.  Raising a child with a disability and twin tornadoes, my husband and I have a list of doctors longer than our number of friends.  I learned, most days to prioritize joy. Other days, I may lock myself in the bathroom.

I felt very alone trying to figure out how to keep my children safe, happy, and healthy while remembering that I deserved the same. As an English teacher, I naturally seek stories for support, however, I couldn’t find any. There were plenty of resources available, but I didn’t want to learn more about how to get my children successfully in and out of stores, I wanted to know how it felt as the parent who was running ragged doing it. There were so many books to tell me about what to expect when I was pregnant, but what happened when the baby you bring home is not what you expected? Where were those books? I needed literature to read to help me understand how to enjoy raising my challenging, non-traditional family – without losing my mind.  After almost a decade of checking every bookstore I walked into and scouring the internet, I couldn’t find what I needed. So I started to write it.