About the Blog

My parenting journey has been anything but typical. The birth of my daughter revealed she may never walk or talk due to her rare chromosomal disorder, Cri Du Chat. Four years later, my twins, were born, and we were soon faced with a neurosurgeons for one and an oncologist for the other. We were closer to insurance companies than we were to our friends.  I felt very alone trying to figure out how to keep my children safe, healthy, and happy while remembering I deserved the same. I became resilient by sharing the very stories that overwhelmed me. 

I searched for literature to read to help me understand how to enjoy raising my challenging, non-traditional family – without losing my mind.  After almost a decade of checking every bookstore I walked into and scouring the internet, I couldn’t find what I needed. So I started to write it. 

This is a celebration of the real people behind the diagnosis.  They are intended to remind you that parenting is not a solitary act.