Internet Troll

When I started this blog, it was my desire to create a space for community, conversation, and change. Throughout the past four years, I have done just that. Loving You Big provides a voice for rare disabilities. It spreads awareness about Cri Du Chat, provides an outlet for other families with special needs, and allows me to celebrate the challenges and successes of my own journey as a mother.

The community and the conversation is growing.

Which means the change is going to come.

Today the internet revealed a nasty comment directly disparaging my child. It was posted on the Cri Du Chat documentary, by my talented film-maker friend Emily, which currently has over 158,000 views. There is no need to repeat the comment, as it doesn’t deserve more air time. It could have been deleted and disappear entirely, but then the possibility of change would disappear as well.

So, Emily and I discussed our options. As two educators, there was no question – this was a teachable moment.

This troll may never read my response or it won’t change their views, but the comment was not written for them. My response was on the behalf of a community. For the thousands of people who have viewed the film, see their own stories in mine, love someone just like my Jordan. I wrote back for them.

So, internet troll….

Thank you for your ableist and discriminatory response to remind us more education is necessary.  Your comments imply a quick lesson would be beneficial. The message that a diagnosis is something that needs to be mourned or fixed is archaic. The impression that these are  people who burden their families, tax the resources of the healthcare system, or are worthy of alienation is rooted in the legacy of the Eugenics movement.  Raising a child, using explicit instruction and guidance, enables them to have a voice.   A voice that is not afraid to speak up when necessary.  


  1. As usual, Leah, beautifully said although I wish it didn’t need to be said. Did I miss the link to the documentary or is there a way for me to access it? Looking forward to your book and more of your blog!


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