Quarantine Confession #3:

Every day I wear a full face of makeup.

I find I am just not myself if I don’t start each day in my proper quarantine outfit.  Just because I’m in my house, doesn’t mean I can’t look my best. 

I brush past all my work scarves and sweaters to grab my uniform: a pair of my fanciest sweatpants, a grey college sweatshirt, and fluffy socks. Naturally, each of these items have a hole in them or at least some old applesauce stains that will not come out.  But I’m not quite ready for the day, until I meet my make-up artist.

She has an unorthodox manner, but I find she does the best work.  She lays out all of her materials in a circle surrounding her feet.  Then, she offers me a round of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see which item we will be starting with: lips, cheek, eyes?  From what I can discern, there are no guidelines for this, as her system changes daily and she often cheats to put her scissors out, long after my paper has presented itself.  She will then close her eyes, choose her first cosmetic, and begin.

She starts by telling the viewers the name of the item and where she will be applying it.  I cannot see these viewers, but I can tell from her reaction that there are many of them there.  Perhaps they are on the other side of the mirror, or just in her own imagination, but when I ask her to whom she speaks, she remarks: “My youtube fans, obviously.  Let’s continue.”

She takes a blush brush to my eyeball. She pounds it several times before licking the brush and then putting it into her own eyeball. Her technique is a bit unusual. Perhaps, she was trained in Paris. Most of her makeup is made of felt, so despite the shellacking she is doing, most of her artistry is undetectable to the human eye. She will then move towards her favorite- the lipstick. These are real: glossy lip balms, cartoon-shaped lip glosses, and some glue sticks she has stolen from the art supplies. She holds them to my face, smiles passionately into my eyes, and then applies seven layers of each on her own face. She knows that lipstick is not just for the lips, but makes a great foundation, eyeshadow, and sometimes toothpaste.

She offers touch ups while I am asleep. On the occasion I collapse onto the couch, I will wake up with a face full of mascara.  Real mascara that she has apparently stolen from the medicine cabinet, despite the child safety locks.  I am grateful for her commitment to her craft, as I would be ready for an impromptu filming of Lord of the Flies or the Coal Miner’s daughter #4, if ever needed.

Her passion for her craft is unparalleled. Her schedule is very booked, with the YouTube channel and all, but if you are finding you also need a pick me up during this time of quarantine and don’t mind getting a blush brush shoved inside your ear, please reach out to make an appointment. 


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