The Mother’s Day Card I Wish Hallmark would sell

I learned I became a mother within twenty-four hours of my husband learning he lost his.  

This is motherhood.  

Joyful, celebratory, intense, frustrating, debilitating, and terrifying.  

Motherhood is messy and requires more than just one Sunday brunch to celebrate it all. 

I have spent the last eight years learning how to be a mother and the last four years trying to capture how to write about it.  Through the journey of this blog and the process of writing my first book, I have attuned my ears to the quiet whispers of parents around me: Am I doing this alright?  

So, this Mother’s Day, I write to you the card that I couldn’t find at Hallmark.

Whether you are celebrating your own mother, mourning her loss, or trying to understand her,

Whether you were never able to be a mother or trying to become one

Whether your children are your own, your friends, four-legged, or plant-based

Whether this season of children has you drowning or flourishing,

Be kind to yourself, you are doing a great job.


While you understand how to simultaneously support others and yourself

While you navigate conversations you are having with the ones you wish someone would start

While you spend two minutes making a homemade card and two hours cleaning up the glitter

While you model empathy and kindness and then hide in the bathroom for “just a minute”

You are only human. you are not actually made of robot parts.


For today, release the guilt you hold onto when you finally get to sleep

Recognize both the beauty and frustrations of motherhood.

Celebrate the person in your life who has added to your village

And know that none of us are out here doing this alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to the tireless, inspirational, multi-taskers of the world.


Thank you all for sharing in my journey of parenthood.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go remove glue from my children’s hair.



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