Less Than 1%

Math is not my forte.   Showtunes.  Buying baskets.  Eating cookies.  Yes.  Math, not so much.  So perhaps I am reading this evaluation incorrectly.

Receptive Language  below 1

Expressive Language  below 1

Overall Language Ability Score  below 1

So, out of all the other adorable infants being evaluated, perhaps she came in first place? No? Below 1st percentile?  Isn’t that just zero?

Did these evaluations just formally state that my 11 month old is at the same developmental milestones as a newborn?

As the first child of two teachers, we knew better than to label her with test scores.  But less than 1% hurts.

Less than 1% feels like it only exists so your child isn’t labeled as zero.

I guess there is nowhere else to go but up.

Life Goal:  Learn how to communicate.

We will just start: recognize pictures, implement sign language, find someone who knows PROMPT, dust off speech therapy textbook from the one class I took in college, cry.  We got this.

And the words started.  Slowly.  Every week another one.  Every year another phrase.

The work continued. Repeat sounds, increase speech therapy hours, buy sign language videos, order chewy tubes, garner patience, more therapy. Gain 10 pounds (me, not her).

And the personality appeared.  Slowly. Appropriate giggles.  Silly tag lines.  A sense of humor.

Update life goal: Learn how to read.

Kindergarten begins.  Story time, magical teachers, such organized routine that she begins to memorize her world.  Every day a new discovery.  Questions.  Curiosities.   Memories.

She proudly takes out a paper copy of a book she has been working on in class.  Listen Momma.


She takes it to bed to sleep with it.

Take that “Less than 1%”.

Time to update our life goals.


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